Plugin Installation Issues: Plugins Fail to Load or Initialize Print

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Plugin Problems

You may have downloaded and installed new 360 Works plugins on your computer, or, you may have existing plugins and are now experiencing issues. If you open your database and it begins to load plugins and then fails to open, or, you receive an error message that plugins could not initialize; please try the steps below. You need completely to remove all versions of your 360 Works plugins and re-install them. Search for plugins or follow these steps:

  1. Point your web browser to this url: The webpage should guide you through the steps to remove plugins (which may be found in several locations on your computer. This java applet removes from 2 out of 3 spots only.)
  2. Navigate (with your file browser) to the following directory and remove all 360 Works plugins found therein. MAC: Applications > Filemaker > Extensions; PC: Programs > x86 > Extensions.
  3. Remove Java and reinstall Java--making sure it is a 32bit version.
  4. Now, open your database--and you will be prompted to download required plugins, or, in the alternative you can re-download and re-install the plugins you had.

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