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Datbases can be running slowly for any number of reasons--many of which you can check for yourself without opening a support ticket. The most common culprit is network difficulty with your ISP (Internet Service Provider). It is possible that your database has become corrupt, or that ODI's servers are experiencing difficulty, but most often we find that network speed issues are the cause of problems

The second most common reason for database slowdown is either a corrupt database, or changes to your database structure or functionality which have caused decreased performance.

Take the following steps to resolve database slowness:

  • Determine if your database has any unstored calculations, too many "relationships," data in big chunks, and check FileMaker's network activity (if you are able to on your network). FileMaker has some helpful information about this topic.
  • Ascertain whether or not there are network issues at your office or home. If you have an IT or Network person/department, contact them to see if there are issues at your location. If you are at home, you can contact your ISP to find out similar information. Many ISPs have their network status and outages available to clients on their client portal.
  • Check to see if anyone else is having this same trouble, or, is it just your machine.
  • Check with the persons who have access to your database--to make changes--have made any new changes since last you logged in. It is possible that changes to your database structure have resulted in problems.
  • Check the status of ODI servers and network.
  • Open a support ticketwith ODI to determine if there are issues with the ODI server on which your database resides.

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