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Obtain Your Server Name, Username (U/N), and Password (P/W)

  1. Login to the Customer Portal
  2. Select ":Services > My Services."
  3. Select "View Details" next to your Filemaker Hosting product/service.
  4. The FileMaker Hosting detail page shows you the server you are on, and your administrative U/N and P/W; you will need all three pieces of information.
    FileMaker Account Details

Log In to the Admin Panel

  1. Open a web browser
  2. In the address line/box enter the url of the server hosting your filemaker (which you obtained above) and your username. The url should be formatted like this: http://your-servername/username/ (e.g. http://fms13.oditech.com/landocal/, etc.)
  3. The mirror sync landing page opens. Click on "Launch Mirror Sync Client."
    MirrorSync landing page
  4. *Note: If you are on a MAC, sometimes the webstart files don't open automatically. If yours does not, click on the Show Downloads button (in Safari) and select your file. Double-click the correct webstart file to continue.
    Webstart control panel
  5. Click "Ok" on the Java popup window when it opens
    FileMaker Account Details
  6. When the U/N, P/W popup window opens, enter your username and password (obtained above).
    Mirrorsync Username and Password entry box
  7. The Mirrorsync Admin control panel opens.
    Mirrorsync control panel

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