FileMaker 14.0.6 Update Breaks Server 12 Connections

  • Monday, 20th June, 2016
  • 09:29am
Please read if you are running FileMaker 14 and connecting to a FileMaker 12 Server.

FileMaker recently released 14.0.6 update to FileMaker Pro 14. After applying this update FileMaker Pro 14 will no longer be able to connect to FileMaker 12 Server. There is no mention of this in the update documentation that we could find and it appears that the only way to remedy the issue is to move the database to a newer server or reinstall FileMaker Pro 14.0.5.

Instant Web Publishing (IWP) Users

If you are using our service for IWP your only option is do re-install FileMaker Pro 14.0.5. FileMaker 12 Server was the last version to offer IWP and if the database is moved to a newer FileMaker Server you will no longer have this functionality.

Database Migration to FileMaker 14 Server

For our customers who would like to migrate to a newer server and are not using IWP or is no longer needing it may request a database migration by creating a support ticket. You can create a support ticket at our client area at or by emailling which will also create a support ticket.


ODI Support Team
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