Security Update - FileMaker 13.0v9 - FileMaker 12

  • Tuesday, 7th April, 2015
  • 14:23pm

FileMaker is releasing a security update to its FileMaker 12 and 13 line of products to deal with a potential SSL issue could allow network communication to be compromised.


This update must be installed on FileMaker Server before being installed on FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go.

If you update your version of FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go before the server is updated, you will not be able to access your database. We recommend removing then reinstalling the older version of FileMaker Pro.

Since the updates for FileMaker 12 Server/Pro/Go and FileMaker 13 Go are not available yet, we are waiting to update our servers.

A link to FileMaker's update page is located here:

Once we have performed the update to our servers we will post another announcement.

If you have any questions please contact ODI Support at


ODITech Support Team

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