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These instructions are for FileMaker version 12 or newer. The download feature is not supported in earlier versions of the Admin Console. Customers hosting FileMaker version 7 thru 11 must use FTP to download the previous night backup of the database. If you are needing a copy of the live file please open a support ticket or contact us via email at to request a copy of the live file.
Please follow the instructions below to download a copy of your database.
1. Open the FileMaker Admin Console by double clicking the icon. If you have not downloaded the admin console yet please see step 2 of our getting started guide.
FileMaker Admin
2. Login to the FileMaker Admin Console using the username and password from your welcome letter or the product detail screen in our customer portal area (see step 1 of our getting started guide)
FileMaker Product Details
3. After successful login you will see the overview screen which shows you the server status and server information.
4. Select the "Databases" menu option on the left to show a list of open databases.
FileMaker Admin Databases
5. In order to download the database the file must be closed. To do this select the database from the list and choose "Close" from the "Actions" pull-down menu then click the "Perform Action" button.
6. If there are users connected to the database a dialog box will display with the option to type a message to users. Leave the default "Delay Time" of 2 minutes and click the "Send Message" button.
7. When there are no clients connected to the database the status will change to "Closed". You are now ready to download the database.
8. Select the database name in the list and select "Download Database" from the "Actions" menu then click the "Perform Action" button.
9. Choose a location where you would like the database to be downloaded to and click the "Download" button.
FileMaker Admin Download
10. Once the download is complete click the "OK" button.
11. Please remember that your database is still closed. In order for people to connect again to the hosted database we need to open it again.
12. Select the database name in the list and select "Open" from the "Actions" menu then click the "Perform Action" button.
13. You will know that your database is open when the status area changes to "Normal"
You are finished! If you are done with the FileMaker Admin Console you can quit this application.
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