View and Edit Information About Your Domains

The Customer Control Panel and Logging In

The ODI customer control panel contains a wealth of information about your account and services as well as ways to learn more about your hosting services, enter support tickets or send questions to billing. You can change services, update payment information, review past invoices--you can even see a complete list of past emails and read the contents of each.

Before you can look at any of your information you must first Log On.

Logging On

  1. Open a web browser and go to
  2. Under "Manage Your Account" click the "Secure Client Login" button.
    Client Login
  3. Enter your email address and password that you used to sign up with us.
  4. You are now presented with an overview of your account with many options to choose from including opening a support ticket to updating your details.
    Client Overview

Seeing Your Registered Domains

Once you have logged onto the secure client area (see above), you have information about your account and services at your fingertips. To see your registered domains, transfer domains, renew or register domains, or perform a "whois" lookup, select the menu item from the top menu labeled "Domains." On the dropdown menu highlight (to select) "My Domains." The detail window will open: Client Login

Manage Your Domains

To manage your domains, select the "View Details" button next to the domain about which you want information.

Domains Information screen

You can then make selections from the submenu: 'Information' 'Auto Renew' 'Nameservers' 'Registrar Lock' 'Addons' 'Management Tools'

Auto Renew

Auto Renew allows you to turn on auto-renewal of your domain registration.

Auto Renewal information screen


A name server is a computer server that hosts a network service for providing responses to queries against a directory service. It maps a human-recognizable identifier to a system-internal, often numeric identification or addressing component. This service is performed by the server in response to a network service protocol request. For example, it is the nameserver which correctly identifies your domain to a webbrowser.

Your ODI nameservers should remain,, or unless you must use some other servers, and know what you are doing in changing this setting.

Select name servers

Registrar Lock

Registrar lock prevents your domain from being transferred without further approvals.

Registrar lock screen


Addons shows you a listing of addons avaiable for your domain.

Domain Mgmt. Screen 1

Domain Management: Contact Information

Use this form to change the contact information associated with your domain.

Domain management screen2

Domain Management: Register Nameservers

If you are setting up your own NameServer you would use this form to enter required information.

Domain management screen3

Domain Management: EPP Code

Selecting this option will generate and email an EPP code to the domain owner email on file. The Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) is a flexible protocol designed for allocating objects within registries over the Internet. The motivation for the creation of EPP was to create a robust and flexible protocol that could provide communication between domain name registries and domain name registrars. These transactions are required whenever a domain name is registered or renewed, thereby also preventing domain hijacking. Prior to its introduction, registries had no uniform approach, and many different proprietary interfaces existed. While its use for domain names was the initial driver, the protocol is designed to be usable for any kind of ordering and fulfillment system.

You would most likely only need to select this option if you were planning on transferring your domain away from ODI.

Domain management screen3

Renew Domains

To renew your domains, select "Renew Domains" from the drop down menu. The screen which loads next allows you to select from your list of domains, and choose a renewal level from the dropdown menu to the right of each domain. You can renew for one year, two years or more.

Renew your domain

Register a New Domain

Select "Register a New Domain" from the drop down menu in order to register a new domain through ODI. You first check your new domain name for availability. If the domain is available you will be able to select a period of time to register this domain (1 year, 2 years or more). You can order this new domain right from these screens.

Register a Domain

Transfer a Domain to ODI

Select "Transfer a Domain" from the dropdown menu at the top. You will first be prompted to check the availability of the domain name. Follow the directions after you have ascertained that you can transfer your domain. Be advised that you will most likely need to get an EPP code from your current registrar in order for us to move your domain to ODI.

Transfer a Domain

WhoIS Lookup

Use Whois Lookup to ascertain whether or not various domain names are available, and to see basic information about domain names which are already taken.

whois lookup
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