FileMaker 14.0.6 Update Breaks Server 12 Connections

Please read if you are running FileMaker 14 and connecting to a FileMaker 12 Server.FileMaker recently released 14.0.6 update to FileMaker Pro 14. After applying this update FileMaker Pro 14 will no longer be able to connect to FileMaker 12 Server. There is no mention of this in the update documentation that we could find and it appears that the ... Read More »

20th Jun 2016
Salt Lake City (SLC) Data Center Upgrades

We have always prided ourselves in offering the very best FileMaker hosting to our clients. To provide the very best in data center technology, we are upgrading to a newer more robust data center.Our data center will be a full tier III specification data center with 8MW of fully N+1 redundant power and cooling systems connected to a multi-carrier ... Read More »

10th Sept 2015
ODITech Announces FileMaker Pro 14 Hosting on FileMaker Server 14

VANCOUVER, WA, July 2, 2015 - ODITech today announced immediate availability of FileMaker Pro 14 database hosting on FileMaker Server 14. "FileMaker Pro 14 provides many updates to the FileMaker product, including new scripting workspace, button bar, and performance improvements” says Joey Grimaldi, ODITech's President.  "By hosting on ... Read More »

2nd Jul 2015 Maintenance

We had to restart for emergency maintenance. This should not take very long and we apologize for any inconvience. ODITech Support Team

12th May 2015
FileMaker Server Security Updates Completed

ODITech is pleased to announce that the latest security updates to FileMaker Server 12 and 13 on all of our shared servers have been completed.  This brings the servers to versions 13.0v9 and 12.0v5.To avoid any connectivity issues we are encouraging all of our shared Filemaker hosting clients to update FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Pro Advanced, and ... Read More »

22nd Apr 2015
Security Update - FileMaker 13.0v9 - FileMaker 12

FileMaker is releasing a security update to its FileMaker 12 and 13 line of products to deal with a potential SSL issue could allow network communication to be compromised. PLEASE DO NOT PERFORM THIS UPDATE YET!! This update must be installed on FileMaker Server before being installed on FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go. If you update your version ... Read More »

7th Apr 2015
XEN Vulnerability

We are contacting you regarding maintenance taking place Tuesday morning which will impact our cloud network, resulting in a period of outage for accounts in Singapore, Seattle, and Washington DC This maintenance is required to provide patches and updates, addressing recent advisory notices for the Xen virtualization technology used in our Cloud ... Read More »

27th Mar 2015
New and Improved Client Area!

ODITech is pleased to announce that we have launched a new and improved client area. Many common tasks are now at your fingertips on our client home page. Get easy access to current services, domains, invoices, and open tickets.You can also access on the go! Our client area is now optimized for mobile browsers and is completely ... Read More »

8th Feb 2015
Java update causing FileMaker Server 11/12 Admin launch issues

It has come to our attention that a recent Java update has been causing issues with the launching of the FileMaker Server Admin Console in version 11 and 12. Customers are getting the following error:This is solved by adding an exception to the site list in the jave control panel. We have created a knowledge base article with step by step ... Read More »

8th Feb 2015
Vulnerability in Microsoft Windows

Situation Microsoft has revealed a vulnerability in Microsoft Windows Kerberos KDC. It affects a broad range of Windows operating systems, including Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 and Vista 7/8/8.1. Please refer to the following Microsoft TechNet article for details: Vulnerability in Kerberos Could Allow Elevation of Privilege ... Read More »

19th Nov 2014